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Designing solutions to fit YOUR strategy and process, not the other way around…

img-healthcareIn the drive to provide the best possible patient care, many hospitals have begun the implementation of Electronic Record Management Systems (ERMS). These are major undertakings, requiring Business Process (re-)mapping, extensive IT planning, capital expenditure budgeting, H/R and training expertise, and more.

Quite often, there are issues to be addressed, such as having file-rooms full of paper charts, boxes of x-ray on film and old microfilm, and some specialist medical systems that do not directly interface with the ERMS. Or perhaps decisions have to be made about record year cutoffs to be taken electronic, based upon performance or budgetary constraints.

Hospitals need electronic access to ALL of their medical record data, in as seamless and straightforward a manner possible. Perhaps medical staff need electronic access on floors and wards, in surgeries, or remotely when necessary to provide the best possible healthcare. Professional staff needs access to the most up-to-date information to facilitate rapid, accurate billing, secure and version controlled release of information for statutory audits, insurance, and legal matters. IT staff need easy to implement, fully-scalable products that “play well with other existing software” and have minimal impact on existing hardware, software and support infrastructure. Management needs a vendor with products and services that have a pricing structure which allow strategic budgeting of ad-hoc expenses and site-based licensing that keep ongoing costs fixed while not restricting rollout and expansion of the ERMS as it becomes necessary.

Whatever your ERMS requirements, at AIM Document we are experts at configuring hybrid ERMS strategies. We can send our dedicated client liaison to discuss several methods of addressing your file-room backlog, whether that is a full-scale purge, year-based pick and compress, or reverse purge and compact to extend your ERMS window as quickly as possible. They can discuss the various options to scan this material to determine what will achieve the best possible result for your hospital in terms of both professional usability and budget.

For some facilities, Bulk Scanning may be the best option, providing you with your material in electronic form as rapidly as it can be processed through our 1,000,000+ image per week scanning facility. Other facilities might be better served by setting a monthly fixed-scanning budget, allowing material to be collected and stored at once, but only scanned in fixed monthly quantities to control expenses. Our Scan-On-Demand process allows immediate electronic retrieval of any charts you may need for the duration of your budgeted scanning project.

Still other facilities may prefer to simply utilize the Scan-On-Demand process for all record retrieval and leave the material in storage, simply setting retention and destruction policies to suit your requirements.

Once the strategy is set out, our professional M/R purging teams can pack, index and clear out your file-room, x-ray and microfilm backlog, even dealing with interfiles and modifying shelving to allow you to reclaim expensive storage and file-room square footage for more profitable use.

This cleared material is then indexed, logged and stored in one of our secured warehouses, and made available to you via your own dedicated web-based client portal, AIMVault. Our state of the art web portal provides our clients with 24/7 access to not only their storage index, AIM Document billing data, managing storage retention and destruction policy, and scheduling additional pick-ups as required, but also is an integral part of our Scan-On-Demand service.

Scan on Demand gives you the ability to make an online request for items to be retrieved from your stored material and scanned. We then notify you via email and/or SMS when your scanned record is ready and it is then accessible electronically via AIMVault, fully matched and merged with your Master Patient Index data so it is searchable and presented in the exact same manner as your professionals are used to accessing it in your ERMS. We can also simultaneously upload it directly to your ERMS.

Through AIMVault, we can provide the wide scope of professionals within your organization access to whatever data is necessary to enhance productivity and communication, all driven by the security policies that YOU define when setting up AIMVault and designating administrator users, and that YOU control going forward.

Here are just some of the features offered within AIMVault.

Auditing and Document Grants

AIMVault’s comprehensive audit management functionality allows even the most demanding of audits to be fulfilled without having to touch a single chart. As audits are requested by either internal or external bodies (legal department, business offices, insurance companies, or government agencies), your HIM staff are able to build an electronic list of medical records to be audited. These are assigned an Audit ID and version-controlled from that point, allowing you to do whatever preparation is necessary to respond to the audit request e.g. selecting twenty medical records and then adding additional data such as patient billing information or PACS records, and attaching additional correspondence for those selected records to the audit. This can then be accessed either via internal departments using AIMVault directly, or by external parties using our secure document grant system, without having the risk of sensitive data in transit via courier or postal system. You maintain control at all times and have a COMPLETE AUDIT TRAIL of all record access, while allowing such sophisticated processes as electronic physician’s consults, emergency remote medical record access to external facilities or foreign medical care centers.

X-RAY viewing

AIMVault’s sophisticated viewing capabilities include an X-Ray viewer which allows online access to PACS and other x-ray scans and provides full control over rotation, contrast, brightness and inversion facilities to allow manipulation of x-rays to a degree sure to satisfy even the most discerning of professionals. It has to be seen to be believed.

RAC Management

AIMVault’s onRAC Manager turns the arduous process of assembling RAC submissions into a simple, strealilned electronic one, where you maintain complete auditability of not only your submissions, but the entire stream of the RAC review process with separate correspondence trails and monitoring of the MS-DRG’s being audited. This, in combination with MPI data, provides rejection trend analysis and allows you to not only more accurately target effort and costs in challenging rejections, but also helps to target persistent coding errors and areas where improvements can result in a significant reduction in claim rejections. Further, for many of our clients, the .12 cent per-image reimbursement cost can actually become a profit-center in terms of RAC request processing, helping to offset the overall cost burden of compliance.

onRAC Manager is unique in the product market because it not only tracks and manages RAC submissions, but it does this while tying the entire process to version-controlled medical record images so it is fully integrated with your ERMS, allowing you to be completely in touch with the RAC process, providing the utmost of flexibility in terms of how internal processes are managed with regards to ROI vendors, business and finance offices and legal departments.

Moblie Access

Through AIMVault’s onMobile , HIM departments can allow their medical professionals secure electronic access to medical records with complete control and confidence in maintaining HIPAA compliance both within the hospital environment and externally using onMobile,

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